Hello! My name is Tasnim and I'm a nineteen year old law student and blogger, residing in the East Midlands in England.

I've always admired the creative side of things - whether it's creative writing, painting or photography, it's forever been a huge part of my life. And voila, 'Wish Upon a Smile' came about all the way back in December 2011 and has been a true reflection of the lovely memories since, the many outfits I quite like to share, wonderful inspiration that I've gathered and of course, my ongoing ramblings. I occasionally talk about my frequent day trips out to London, my love for Indian clothing and the motivational nuggets of wisdom. Through sharing all this and the general snippets of my life, reflecting back to them has truly made it all the more wonderful!

Also whilst it is still in progress, feel free to read my law blog, The Law Student.

Thank you for reading my blog and feel free to contact me by dropping a comment, email or twitter!