Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A part of me is actually really gutted that the summer has come to an end as it is really the only time you can take a 'break' from all the studying and given that Second Year is coming in a fortnight, I really wish I made better use of it! As always, London is at the top of my agenda when it comes to day trips out and this time, Francesca and I - having heard about it from Carrie at Wish Wish Wish - had to visit Q-Grill's On The Rooftop in Selfridges for afternoon tea. I absolutely loved everything from the atmosphere, the staff and the dainty scones and finger sandwiches!
That aside, we also 'casually' joined in a protest along Oxford Street which has to be one of most bizarre experiences yet in London. I also fell in love with St. Paul's Cathedral having seen it for the first time and it too was eventful in that there was an entire bicycle takeover and a wedding. And to top it off, based on Francesca's recommendations, I had to try some Gelato ice cream after hearing about its exotic flavours - who would have thought Blood Orange and Apricot would taste this nice together?! 
And lastly, we also went to Camden Market! This place, by far, has to be one of my favourite places yet. There's just something so exciting about visiting unique and very individual shops with all sorts of 'treasures' to be found but sadly - whilst not surprisingly - we didn't have enough time but I definitely intend to be back soon!  


  1. Good times :)
    And I'm loving the new layout, girrrl


  2. Great outfit, and the ice cream looks yummy :D
    I'm glad summer is over... I am ready for cooler weather :)


  3. What a lovely outfit! It must take such a lot of guts to take outfit pictures in front of that many strangers! I'm not sure if I could do that yet! Your ombré hair looks lovely!
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes


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