Summer Substitutes

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Anyone who knows me well in the outside world will know dressing up for Summer can be a little challenging, given that I don't reveal much skin and that leggings and tights are my 'to go' pieces regardless of the weather! It's about time I break out my endless cycle/uniform and find other 'substitutes' such as these jeans and this flowy maxi skirt.
It's very rare for me to opt for 'bottoms' in a colour other than black but I'm pretty convinced that the colour of these 'Mom' jeans and its high-waisted detail makes it all the more ideal for Summer! On another note whilst it's not so new to me,  my 5ft 2/3 self has always  contemplated over wearing maxi skirts but I haven't stopped loving this skirt the moment I first saw it.    
I also actually have this blouse and these shoes which I absolutely love to bits, especially considering its versatility. And as for accessories, I think many of us can agree that no Summer is complete without floral hair garments and a serious cool pair of sunglasses!
Hope you're having a lovely Thursday!

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  1. Love these substitutes, the long skirt is gorgeous and love that color. mywhiteT.com


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