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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

'The state of your life is nothing more then a reflection of the state of your mind' - Dr Wayne Dyer 

It's not often I'd put up such a post but I couldn't resist, now that I've reached the end of a long academic year! Sparing you all the little details though, things haven't gone swimmingly and accordingly as to how I anticipated - in fact, far from it. I chose to believe that with hard work, anything was achievable and that there were no such limits or boundaries and to this day, I still stick by that mentality. In the end however, it took a whole lot more to 'accept' this unexpected turnout of events.

A great deal of what I've been working on since then, has been trying to make the most of what I have because I didn't want to 'look back' and regret even further that I let so much time 'pass' and chose not to do anything about it. And if I got off on the wrong foot on day one, then I'd be preventing potentially a lot of things from happening.

Since then, for my part, it feels good to being able to say that there've definitely been positive moments. But at the same time, there have been some pretty low peaks too - if not, more. Even then though, I've learnt that dwelling over such things only makes you feel worse - whilst it's a good thing to remind yourself of all the good things, it feels 'taboo' to think of the opposite. I'm inclined to feel that regardless of whether the pros outweigh the cons or not, having something worth looking back to is enough - this isn't necessarily always the case.

I've had countless of days where I've felt that trying so hard was becoming so meaningless but at the end of the day, if you pursue a negative state of the mind, it'll become more difficult to cross over the next hurdle and the hurdle after that. It's plausible,  normal and completely sane to have those 'off' days, just as long as you know you'll get back on your feet the next day!


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