Reminiscing Spring

Thursday, 6 March 2014

As a 90s' kid, wearing blue jeans was a 'it-thing' but it was till I hit my early teen years, I had the ultimate transition to black skinny jeans. And to this day, I practically live in them (when of course, I'm not too busy prancin' around in pretty dresses, ha!) but now they are more or less tucked away in the far corners of my wardrobe. So I'd feel like I'm somewhat stepping out my comfort zone if I do adopt a pair but give it a little more time, I've pretty convinced I'll be living in them durng the summer!

Also, I absolutely love the pairing of this vibrant pink skirt, especially of this shade, with a striped top and really contemplating whether to bagsy it - your thoughts would be appreciated! Every piece here can be mixed-and-matched with another, so the pairing with the crochet top would be just as Spring-like. On a similar note, I'm inclined to grab these bow shoes too - oh dear, what an unruly, unhealthy obsession...

Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday!  


  1. I really enjoy that necklace! Very cute!

  2. Love the sunglasses, the frame is fun on them. Pastels are so in this season, can't wait! mywhiteT.com

  3. Black jeans for life for blue denim for mixing it up a bit haha, I love all of these items, especially the sunglasses, can't wait for summer to actually be here!

    x Hayley-Eszti

  4. Could I please have those shoes? They are gorgeous!



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