London Fashion Weekend

Monday, 24 February 2014

Crossing off the very first thing on my 'Bucket List' of the year, I attended London Fashion Weekend for the very first time! It's definitely been an eventful exhilarating experience (totally cancels out the rough start and the major train issues) and it's definitely been a day to remember!

I met up with the lovely Francesca for some cupcakes and hot chocolate, and later we made our way to Somerset House. The event itself has a gazillion rooms, each which its own mini boutique/exhibition of all sorts, such as lavishing and cute hair accessories to some seriously killer shoes. I also attended my very first catwalk too which was pretty exciting, all the videos and so can be found on my facebook page, if you fancy a look! Based more on the trend-side of things, it features themes of florals, lace, metallics and sportswear. Also, seeing these models in person really brought the whole experience to a whole new level (absolutely stunning) and there were certainly some pieces that I was completely in awe with!

Ending the day with good ole' pizza, salad and cake, it was most certainly a lovely experience! I wore this skirt which I brought from Judy's Vintage Fair and absolutely love the print + I've been eyeing hats such as this for quite some time too! I have the lovely Francesca to thank for these lovely pictures, so happy with how they turned out! 

Did any of you also attend LFW-end? Hope you are having a lovely Monday! 


  1. Nice outfit!


  2. I would love to visit London for fashion week. I would especially love that room full of accessories!


  3. Looks great, wish I could go to LFW!

  4. Gorgeous handbag! xx


  5. very cool outfit! the pattern of the dress with your purse and hat...really sets it off, love it!



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