Bucket List of 2014

Thursday, 9 January 2014

I've been twiddling my thumbs over the last three points but it's finally done, my 'bucket' list of things I'm going to try and do before the next year. There's something about crossing these off one by one and it'll be even better to photobomb you guys of pictures of each of these. Making 2014 one of the most eventful years yet is definitely one of my priorities so here's to, hopefully, an amazing year!

1. To go to London Fashion Weekend for the first time - whether it's in February or all the way in September, the amount of times I've 'planned' to go is insane.
2. Visit a city that's pretty far away and definitely a tad 'different' - some have suggested Dublin, others Edinburgh and a part of me really would love to see Paris!
3. After having gone to my first concert, going to another is unquestionably at the top of my list.
4. On New Year's Day last year, I attended a phenomenal orchestra and since then, I've been itching to see another live, regardless of its scale.
5. A Harry Potter marathon during Christmas made me realise just how epic it'd be to see the film set in person.
6. Another goal of mine, on a more serious note, is to land myself a job.
7. Yes, it's typical. And yes, it was also my 'resolution' last year too. But that won't stop me from going to the gym or trying a new sport.
8. It's something new (whist very personal) but this will be the year I get involved with the RNIB (Royal National Institute of the Blind) or something similar for a cause I truly believe in!
9. I swear this popped up in the very early stages of this blog and that of course, is to finally save up and buy an SLR or a compact system camera.
10. I'll have to (realistically and financially) revisit this one but I have so many places I'd love to visit for a day out - these include; Newcastle, London and Manchester just to name a few! Oh, and Brighton!
11. To meet another blogger or go to my first blogger meet up. #midlandsbloggersmeetup2k14 anyone?
12. Do you guys remember my prom dress/sari? Well I'm hoping to invest in another (for the many weddings this year and a Law Ball - sounds fancy).
13. This idea is something I've been juggling with recently and I think it's about time I start shaping up some potential business ideas (TBC)
14. I've literally brought this to start my wonderful adventures of good ole' scrapbooking!
15. Youtube videos have been popping around everywhere - I think I may 'try' this but believe me, my voice is hideous when recorded (alternative: puts together a cute montage of cats).
16. To run the race for life. Easier said than done. (Does volunteering to help count?)
17. I'm forever craving the perf pair of sunnies (sadly prescription ones are so pricey) but there ain't no stoppin' me!
18. My family and I have been longing for a cat for so-ever-so-long so here's hoping!
19. You've read my blog resolutions but realistically, if you're picking on numbers, I'd sure love to get to 400 followers on GFC before the next New Year!
20. The thought of going to Alton Towers in the summer is amazing and I see no reason why this cannot happen.
21. This also applies to going to a beach.
22. Awe-ing at fireworks on New Year's Day is cool Awe-ing at them in person, my friend, is a lot cooler.
23. Definitely pay regular attention to beauty - related shenanigans.
24. Have a go doing the 30 day challenge - limited number of pieces and 30 looks!
25. To 'book' a holiday aboard - so whilst it doesn't necessarily mean this year but 2015+, I'd love to have some 'me' time (haven't been on holiday for nine years,  eesh)

Phew! Some of things will most certainly stretch myself to go the extra mile so I cannot wait to revisit this and cross them out. I hope to make this coming year an eventful one by far and make even more memories to treasure. Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!


  1. I love bucket lists and lovelove yours ♥ I also love the instagram photos. You look amazing in the hat!

  2. Wonderful bucket list, I really want to go to London Fashion Week but none of my friends are into it :(. I also want to visit Alton Towers and eventually attend a bloggers meet up as well, xoxo.

  3. ive been to alton towers its great!! great list! :))


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  4. Wow good luck with it all! I'm sure if you set your mind to it you'll have plenty of these things ticked off this time next year. I feel you with the prescription sunnies prices...so expensive! xxx

  5. Lovely Photos ,love Nr.1 and Nr.3 ,super gorgeous :)
    follow new ,mind follow back?

    big Hugs :)


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