Where there's a will, there's a way!

Monday, 30 December 2013

Sometimes the best ways to make the most of what you have, is to make the most of the coming year. I'll have to admit I've had my greatest setback so far this year and since then, things have been a blur. It can be a struggle to pick yourself up, and perhaps seemingly impossible, but it becomes meaningless to dwell on things that could have happened, no? The one thing I've learnt and seen for myself this year, is that yes, things might not go accordingly to plan but it's best to try and try again! Which is why I truly love putting together a bunch of resolutions. Looking back to 2012, I'm happy to say I've at least managed to succeed at some of my goals (others, not so much). And so, this smoothly can be summarised in one of my favourite sayings, where there's a will, there's most definitely a way!

One of my main aims in the coming year is to shoot more and more looks and find my 'niche'. I'm still at that mid-point where I'm still trying out new bits and bobs, all relating to what I wear and how I take these pictures. There's always something so exciting about finding your 'comfort' zone so here's hoping! Next, some of you may know of my alternative blog, The Law Student, and having now been at university for the first term, I'll be looking forward to announce its launch very early next month! There's a lot when it comes to aspiring for such a career so my inner-geek is excited to get started. Also, if you haven't come across her blog already, I've recently stumbled across Esther's blog and her inspirational journal (Credit: Above picture on the right). I absolutely fell in love with it and it has seriously motivated me to put together a version of my own. With so many ideas all over the place, a journal such as this is seriously the perfect idea! 

Having traveled to some beautiful cities this year, I'm hoping to travel to even more next year and revisit some places! Big places such as both Manchester and London are truly places I have to visit again and there's beyond too many to name which I look forward to sharing. Next, I've always appreciated artsy photography of all kind as my biggest source of inspiration so I think it's about time to try it out myself. Photography is definitely something I've forever been meaning to look into. And lastly, using make-up is one of the things I really want to get better at. I may be a tad colour-blind (fact!) but even so, it's not impossible! Alternatively, I have a long list of recurring resolutions (trying out a new sport, saving up money better, going on holiday, blah) but I'll save you the trouble of reading that! Hope you're having a lovely Monday!


  1. love this post! and you´re right. You always need to ,at least, try :) I´m happy you´ve succeded with some of your plans :)

  2. I know it seems a bit far but I totally recommend going to somewhere like Edinburgh or hopping over the pond to Paris. I've been very lucky to have travelled a lot this year and my favourite was definitely Dublin - the people are so friendly!


  3. Love your post! Great insight. mywhiteT.com


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