What I wore in 2013

Saturday, 28 December 2013

When I first launched this blog all the way back in 2011, I didn't think it'd grow to be so outfit-of-the-day based. I made it one of my little inner goals to seriously push myself to shoot a lot more and voila! This blog has definitely gone a long way since last year and I really do hope to take it further in the coming year. Along with these looks, there have been so many memories - everything from day trips, to dressing up to some bigger milestones in my life. I still think I'm looking for my 'niche' and something a little more 'me' so that's definitely something to look forward to, in the next year! Were there any particular looks you liked? Here's hoping for another amazing year!

With the new year coming and still yet some plans to be sorted out, I can tell that 2014, for me, does seem a lot more reassuring year and through perseverance and a right attitude, anything can happen!



  1. obviously your prom outfit was BEAUTIFUL but I love your blue dress too!


  2. I love this post, they are my favourite posts to see on blogs and read about :)




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