Merry Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! It's definitely been a busy build-up to Christmas and finally (although it came so quickly), it's tomorrow! This was the first time I did some Christmas shopping (clearly didn't realise how much I had to spend prior to this, oops!) and there's no other place to go besides good ole Meadowhall! I always look forward to seeing the decor here and going to one shop to another was, whilst hectic, so exciting. It's definitely the season of giving which has such an epic sentimental feeling to it. The clock's ticking away so I wish you all a very little Christmas and have a lovely post coming right up tomorrow!

Coat - New Look / Dress - Monoboutique / Boots - Office / Bag - Fiorelli


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  2. I knew it haha I would recognise that ceiling anywhere. I work opposite Meadowhall (I am so thankful!) so shop here alllll the time. Love your blog!



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