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Monday, 6 May 2013

So I know how it's probably a blogger-taboo to leave your blog for so long but I pinky swear, it'll be back and flowy like normal after my last exam! Illnesses, exams, limited time - the outside world has doomed us all but like my pal, Van Gogh here, let's be positive. As much as I have my drafted posts, many flouncy ideas, I've figured it's not ideal for it to be an on-and-off sort of thing. Call it a brief hiatus but I'll be back with greater content and ideas!

Hope you'll be doing well, weather's picked up and exams are soon to be over and done with!

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  1. Good luck on your exams! I know what you mean about the break. Last year, I only meant to take a month off and now it's been almost a year. Yikes!

  2. Heyy! I know you're not back yet, but I nominated you for an award :)

  3. nice nice nice :)

  4. wow

    like the post!!
    love it!

    Angela Donava

  5. good luck with your exams.
    see you when you get back.

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  6. good luck on your exams :)


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