memory lane #2

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

It's time for my wall of MEMORY FAME. *claps spontaneously like a seal* March has been an incredibly buzzin' out-of-the-ordinary-kind-of-month! First off would be #projectmarchmayhem (more back on it soon), work too, a lovely night out at one point and a growing fad of lipsticks too! I've also been getting all sorts of inspiration, one being from a Cloth magazine and also H&M's magazine.

The greatest thing would have to be seeing Ne-Yo at Manchester! Aw man, I want to relive that moment. After listening to his songs after, it ultimately made me realise just how epic he was!

Then follows my gym-ing-ness (which I'm resuming again, hurrah!) which feels good and then a school play of Little Mermaid which was insanely cute. Oh, oh, OH - my horse-riding lessons are going so well, there's only two more lesson left of it. There was also another birthday gathering which I enjoyed rather a lot, brought this funkay necklace too and it all ended on Easter which meant chocolate and my sister's birthday!

Now that I'm looking back at all this, gosh I'm exhausted. So so happy it's the holidays! How have you guys spent the last month or so? Any Easter holiday plans?

+ OH THAT REMINDS ME - I STILL (har har) have some great blogger-related stuff to share with you this month! Eep.

(will be back to blogging in French soon and I'll be subtly changing widths/sizes of my blog too!)

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  1. love the photos! you look amazing and the outfit with the blue jacket is perfect ♥


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