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Saturday, 23 March 2013

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With only 6 more outfits to go and it being a Saturday and so close to Easter holiday, I'm weirdly having a nice chilled evening - even with the darn lingering courseworks due very soon *gulps*. Around this sort of time, I think many of us can relate to this pre-exams 'stress fever' and gosh folks, the number of times I've thrown a stroppy 8-year-old-girly fit, opted in over dosages of creme eggs and practically pooped myself in my lessons is endless! (not literal poop, just to clarify!). But it's weird because these moments of utmost despair barely last long because ladies 'n' gents, I have an odd mentality. A strong mentality, that many have suggested me to get it checked. A mentality so insanely regarded normal but I put it to the extreme.

'What keeps me going is goals' (yeah, I quote-th Mohammad Ali).

I don't give up easily, although I may hold myself against my personal high expectations (har har) - still, with the right state of mind and direction, in one way or another, I can tell the outcome will be alrighty! If things get you down, random outbursts of giddiness makes it all a bit better, if you get told its impossible, you'll find means within your reach, if things take a dramatic spur of crisis, bear with it a little longer!

Wouldn't I make a great life guru? Happy Friday, lovelies!

(Will have to pass on translating in French today - so sorry!) 

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  1. your blog is great!!


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