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Monday, 18 March 2013

like the look on Lookbook.nu and Chictopia

'All black everything, 
Black cards, black cars, 
All black everything, 
And our girls are blackbirds' 

Being all gangsta-G but whilst realising I've been wearin' a fair bit all-black-ensemble, I felt like incooperatin' some lyrics in there. It's weird though, when I was younger, I'd think - 'right, STAY AWAY FROM BLACK CLOTHING, you wear too much of it' - and I'd also feel a bit guilty for opting for the easier pieces

But then it hit me. 

Fashion isn't meant to be hard. Duh. 

There are few reasons why I'm totes pro this outfit and also why I'm not a huge fan. I'm liking the whole grunge-wave we have going on, especially via lookbook and with me too-round-of-a-face-and-matching-glasses, the black ensemble really gives the different edge, no? This necklace/scarf is another one of them jewels I barely touch but admire from afar thing, just lovin' how its revolved around it too! And the other thing would be wearing a ponytail - this was a random semi-rushed-because-I-suddenly-got-an-idea outfit, so I just figured #yolo when it came to my hair - really want to tame that tail better next time though! 

Etes-vous supporter de porter tout noir? avant, je pensais que c'était un énorme non-non mais vraiment, j'ai appris que c'est une couleur chic et a ses bonus, non? J'ai aussi appris que ce n'est pas vraiment ce que tellement sur vous portez trop (shock!), mais il y a plus avec le fait que je voulais le porter avant tout! Les merveilles magiques de mode, eh?

Avec cette tenue, j'ai essayé de faire quelque chose qui est un peu différent, par porter de différents accessoires et ayant mes cheveux différente aussi! Le look grunge est quelque chose que j'aimerais porter plus souvent.

Hope you all are well, have a wonderful Monday! 

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