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Saturday, 30 March 2013

like the look on Lookbook.nu and Chictopia

It's  probably been the busier days of the holidays today for me (NOTE; THIS IS RATHER RARE). I'm not talking crazily busy or anything, ahaa. I quite like how these pictures have turned out and I think I've officially conformed to false hopes of English Spring BUT I LIKE THIS HEADBAND SO WHO CARES?! It's definitely going to be something I'll be wearing often!

Which reminds me - I downloaded the Chictopia app on my phone, just to see whether it was better than its last one but after checking my own images, I figured 'it's naft or there's some sort of glitch' so meh - only to realise I genuinely exceeded 150+ votes on my previous look! Cheers Chictopia for my short-lived fame, really appreciated it!

The title today also comes from tonight's 'The Voice' (I only really watch the blind auditions above all, to clarify) and I was so so so EXTREMELY touched by a lady who auditioned and was 90% visually impaired! One, her voice was beaut and two, I can semi-relate to her and it was beautiful just how it was all received y'know?

On that note, say hi to my sister-photographer! + I must dash and take the mick-y out of my other sister, who has an hour less of her birthday!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter - be back for the last outfit of #projectmarchmayhem !!

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