Spring's key pieces - biker jacket

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Image Source;  Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 
Going to introduce you to one of the things I've had my eye on, for quite some time; biker/leather jackets. To be frank, before I actually thought these were 'wanna-be-hardcore' clothing for people who acted all 'ard BUT that was MANY years ago- way back when I genuinely thought having a flappy fringe, covering my face, was indie yo'. Cringe, cringe. Bad times. It was till my friend, Francesca, told me of her cravings for one of these, and from then onwards, it came to me that they are worth the investment. It'll be one of the things I'll actually be saving up for, but halt. Is it me, or is it actually difficult to decide what style I wanted? So I did my homework (way) and concluded that there are five styles of these jackets, worth considering and I've put together 10 that are of a friendly-budget;

(Je suis désolé si mon français est choquant mais je ferai de mon mieux!) Je suis un grand fan de vestes en cuir / vestes de motards mais avant, il ya plusieurs années, je pensais qu'ils étaient 'trop' et ce n'était pas quelque chose que je portais habituellement. Ce n'est que maintenant que je me rends compte qu'il vaut la peine de l'argent -les possiblités sont infinies, et j'espère vraiment que pour m'acheter une veste bientôt mais il ya un problème ... de quel type? quel style? Mais n'ayez crainte, j'ai créé un collage de 10 vestes de cinq styles différents, que vous devriez considérer et aussi sont abordables;

Celebrity/People Image Sources; 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 

Cropped; 1 - 2, Coloured; 3 - 4, Studded; 5 - 6, Quilted; 7 - 8, Not-so-cropped; 9 - 10

So out of all these, any particular favourites? Personally I'm contemplating between studs/zips details or not - I've found some simpler ones, ones that look like they'll adapt to my daily attire but I've been an avid fan of the grunge vibe, for quiiiiite some time! My generosity (haaa) doesn't end here though, folks. If any of you are a little doubtful or not convinced, lemme woo you with Part Two; Styling the Biker Jacket. If any of you have questions, comment away! I'll be sure to act on it and do what I do best, procrastinating.

FEELS SO GOOD WITH NO MORE DAUNTING EXAMS (for the time being) - hurrah. Hope y'all having a wonderful Tuesday!

Donc, quel est votre préféré? Personnellement, je ne suis pas sûr, devrais-je choisir goujons / detail zips ou non? Ceux qui sont d'une design plus simple sont similaires à mon style, en général, mais en fait, j'aime bien la tendance actuelle grunge donc cela dépend. Après cela, je vais créer des 'tenues' qui présentent la veste en cuir, dans un certain nombre de styles différents, alors j'espère que vous apprécierez!

Bisous! (comme la façon dont de nombreux blogueurs français le dire)

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  1. Numbers 1,2 & 10 are pure perfection!

    The Style Rawr!

  2. Biker jackets are the best! Always feel extra cool when wearing them!
    Hot Pink Day
    Libi & Lola

  3. I love biker jackets! I recently bought one from the zara and I can't stop wearing it :)


  4. aww I LOVE how it's because me that you fell in love with them :,)

    number 5 and Alexa are my faves.


  5. EEEEP The photo of Alexa is so great I love her :')

    Michelle xx

  6. I have my heart set on the embossed H&M one but I think the price´s to high for H&M!!!xo, Alma

  7. Very nice! I love biker jackets too<3 Thankfully I found a lovely one on sale a few years back. It has some silver shimmer to it:)


  8. I love biker jackets! I could wear my biker all the time :)

  9. Your style collections are rad! I'm thinking of saving up for a leather jacket too and I'm pretty sure I'll go the biker.

  10. Great blog and nice post ;) I will be here more often, I'm your new follower. Don't forget to visit my blog too!

  11. Biker jacket just works with EVERYTHING!

  12. every biker jacket from this post is the best! :D
    Lovely blog! ;*

  13. Great styles. Love the red one the best.
    Haley www.instyleforless.org

  14. I'm a big fan of biker jackets :) I have 3 in my closet, but I got them before they became fashionable :)

  15. I love leather jacket ! Particulary the Burberry Porsum made by Christopher Bailey in your first picture ! I will love to have one made by Balenciaga or Balmain ! The mattelasé is the best ! <3


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