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Thursday, 27 December 2012

I'm a little indifferent now, when it comes to 'resolutions' 'cause one, I just really let life roll and two, I don't have a sticky note attached to my face, saying 'MUST TO GO GYM AND TONE THAT CRAZY FLAB O' YOURS'. 

But y'know, I think resolutions are a standing point for us as an individual, but I'd rather pass on blabbing on about 'aims' that I know wouldn't last. Instead, (call it 'confessions of a blogger-gal-but-not-so-much) I have two itty bitty 'blog' goals I want to have a go at pursuing for 2013 and build on;

a) I know I did the occasional post with semi-English and semi-French, with me being (partly) bilingual but somehow along the path of blogging, Sixth Form-ing, YOLO-ing, it gradually died and rests in peace. FEAR NOT THOUGH- I'm going to resurrect it and let my crazy language skills come to use, because I genuinely sure do love the French.

b) And aw this is one of the best bits, which I can't wait to start! I can't say much yet but basically, WUAS comes to life, on the roads of journey-ing! Next year *fingers crossed* looks greatly promisin' wherein there are a gazillion sights to see, both in good ole' England and even abroad!

S'all just ways to take my blog up a notch really! If you're an avid blogger yourself, do you hold any goals in mind? If not, what are your general resolutions for next year? I'd love to hear them, folks!

Hope you're having a lovely week!

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  1. super sweet flower - love the shot <3
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