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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Can't get over how much I love this dress, really love the sleeve detailing!

I don't have a clue where to start, to be frank! 

Lemme start with these photographs, these turned out much better that I imagined, goes to show if you invest a little time with your nine-year old photographer/sister, practise sure does get towards perfection! Aren't I a great teacher? Then it's the place where we took these pictures at home....yeah, we semi-rearranged the entire room to get this spot but this totally makes blogger-picture-taking so much easier - any other blogger will know what I mean! And gosh, I do love this ring (slightly blurred but oh wells)- thank you, people at eFoxcity! I'll admit I was surprised with its great quality and pretty-ness, nevertheless it's a perfect addition to my awesome collection of rings! 

The best thing is that it fits well with the theme of the party I went to, a Mad Hatter's tea party! There were a gazillion things that I truly loved/permanently confused by, such as the decorations and food! 


Anyways, hope you have a lovely Tuesday, just a week till Christmas!

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  1. Amazing dress! You look stunning!


  2. wow, isn't this woooooow? <3

    what about following each other? :D

  3. So adorable! That dress is gorgeous :)


  4. This dress has pretty details! <3 love it!

    XO, Mish @ http://starmishie.blogspot.com
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  5. Such a wowsers frock! Hope you had fun... all that food! Yum!

  6. Holy Moly that dress is stunning!

    Great Syle and amazing blog!


  7. that dress is beautiful and all that food looks delicious!!!
    I follow you now!!



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