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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Jacket - Hat - Dress - Camera - Shoes - Jeans - Necklaces (Top, Middle, Bottom)
22 days left, but yeah who's counting?! Okay, okay, I'm counting but I'll try and not be an obsessive freak over it I AM BLOOMIN' excited. To tell you the truth, I don't really know why, suppose the festive vibe and reason to celebrate is good enough! I'll be sure to share with you guys the deets for when this auspicious day comes but for now, I'ma let my blogger instinct go nuts and show y'all what I've been saving up for!

1- This is da 'bomb', haha get it? (*bomber jacket* according to many) I sure do love Romwe for this kind of stuff and this had such a fittingly perfect vibe to it- alas, this and I will unite very soon.
2- If you're an avid reader (which I love to bits), you'll know that I love me hats and want my hat collection ever expanding!
3- It's something I mentioned earlier here, so there's no reason why it isn't on my wishlist too! LBD comes it all sizes and styles, and I figured this one is quite flattering.
4- So if any of you happen to wonder what camera I use, I use my iPhone 3GS and after a year of saving up, I have enough to partly-splurge on a do-able prettyful compact camera, waheyy!
5- Boots are my fav kind of shoes and I further intend to also make a collection of boots (it's worth it when you live in England) and with red being my favourite colour, these are total babes.
6- Versatility is key and with my current pair of black jeans fading to an iffy blue navy colour, I figured it's best to invest in a flattering pair and these are a tad high-waisted too, which is even better!
7- Maybe it's a magic of current trends but gold has purely caught my eye nowadays. The way a statement piece can polish a look still wows me to this very day!

Wait, wait guys, as crazy as it seems to me, this actual post is my 100th! Booya to another milestone. I really couldn't have done it without your support through it all and I'm pretty surprised I had so much to talk about have still so many bits and bobs to share! Hope you all have a lovely Thursday!

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  1. I would love any one of those! Great round up!

  2. Mmmm I adore the collar necklaces, I've been looking for the perfect one for ages and Topshop have a really nice selection at the moment!


  3. We have the same tastes ! :D

    Shiu Li


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