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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

And now we're on the Mens! If you're struggling with the ladies, click here for the ladies-based one! Part two of this mini-series is all about ideas in what to get your special guy pal and I know it might seen difficult but once you're in a little circle, absorbed with crimbo ideas, you'll find it easy as pie! I promise you! 

Below like before, are two groups to help you decide/choose the perfect Christmas present! The first being >£10 and the latter being a little more pricey; 

Colourful  Belt - Gold-ish Belt - Green Bow Tie - Fairisle Gloves - Fairisle Scarf - Beanie Hat - Bobble Hat - Black and White Box Tie - Pink Bow Tie - Face Socks - Snood - Pink Tie - Blue Tie - Purple Tie -Striped Socks - Silver Cuff Links - Blue Cuff Links - Golf Mug - Casio Watch - iPhone Case - Two Bracelets - Sudoku Cube - Sudoku Toilet Paper - Issac's Apple - Beatles Keyring - Coffee Camera Mug - Peace Bracelet - Money Bank - Set of six Bracelets - Sunglasses (that I've repeated twice, oops but these are another cool pair) - Black and White Wallet - 'Stache Wallet 
Whether it's true or not, majority say guys love their gadgets and for that, it's helped me putting a crazy load of ideas for the blokes! Discovery Store is a UK-based shop which has many kinds of stuff that'll be put to good use fo' sure! What I learnt from more 'male-inspired' ideas, is that we should be pretty dang thankful it's during a time of cold, lovable snow which means a pair of woolly gloves, woolly hat, socks and etc. are as the French say, 'parfait, non'? It might be just where I just live but bow-ties are the cutest, craziest, greatest male accessory EVER. Our school have held bow-tie related events and it's just so fun to wear! Aw. And finally, we got the occasional bits and bobs, which all vary on the guy's taste, he like golf, a certain music group, science-y kind or the photography-obsessed? 

Jacquard Scarf - Beanie - Cardigan - Nemo Cup - Simba Cup - Umbrella - Navy Jumper - Where's Wally Now? Book - Onesie - Silver Watch - Teddy Bear - Green Headphones - One Million (Gold) Spray - Gucci Men's Fragrance - Black and White Bag - Yellow Watch - Blue Watch - Brown Bag - New York Poster - Mini Snooker Table - Nodding Dog - Globe - Beanie Chair             
Not going to lie but this part took some thinkin'. Bags I find are a little more on the pricier side which is good if you're looking for a better than average present and again, knitwear = good, just a little more different y'know? Stroll around the mens section, you'll find loads of items that you'll love! Man perfume is also, like for the ladies, a touchy idea but if you know your stuff, you're good to go! And I think the main difference in this collage is it has a lil' Disney and mushy side to it, so these cups or this teddy bear is ideal to someone much closer!

As always, I appreciate your comments and if there is a particular question you have in email, you have my email just to your right! Hope this has helped you guys and be sure to check out the previous post too!

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