for us, they led a lasting legacy

Saturday, 10 November 2012

So the eleventh month, of the eleventh hour, of the eleventh minute, we all give a minute of silence to really dedicate a hardcore sense of appreciation to those that have shaped what we live in today. Really hard-hitting shtuff and from this, grew my inner History/French persona. The above picture was taken during my school trip to France/Belgium where I saw rows and rows of these gravestones. I suppose it was huge turning point for me, where I went abroad for the first time ever lol really got to see all these significant aspects of History, via crazy-number of museums and trenches. Hope you'll like my 'tribute' (from my view) to life as a whole; 

The military trend has always been something I've sported and loved, hence why I was happy to put on my other navy military coat (my school has an all-must-wear-navy policy). Also figured my boots went fittingly with the theme, no? My momma recently purchased this red shirt for me, after realising the magic of charity shops, bless her, and ta-da, I'm a poppy-flower wearing a coat?! Erm no.

Say guys, I really want your opinion as to what Remembrance Day means to you? Hope you're having a lovely Sunday! 

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  4. Yes, it´s really interesting :)

  5. what a great outfit!
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  11. Awwww, I Bought A Lovely Poppy In Honour As Well. Thanks So Much For Your Lovely Comment!

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