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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Today I'm posting on the behalf of our friend, Catherine who's a freelance writer who'd love to share her view on Summer jewellery. Now before anyone goes, 'say whaaa?! Have you been oblivious to the weather outside?', one thing I found pretty crazy was that despite it being revolved around the Summer, each and every piece mentioned can be transitioned into our Autumn/Winter outfits, after all my obsession with jewellery means I cannot leave my accessories be abandoned for too long! 

Top Five Must-Have Jewellery items of summer

The summer season bring a lot more than just sunny weather and trips to the beach. Summer also brings a whole new season in fashion. When most people think of summer fashion, they think about short skirts, bikinis, and sandals. Summer fashion is not just comprised of exposed skin, sun glasses, and hats, though. Summer also brings a season of fashion in jewellery. This summer, there are five pieces of jewellery that will make your summer wardrobe chic and elegant. Pandora, the maker of fine jewellery in a variety of styles, has all of your summer must-haves to complete any summer outfit with style.

1) Braided Leather Chord-
What a better way to relax in the sun than with a long flowing dress, a large sun hat, and a braided leather bracelet around your wrist. Pandora's braided leather bracelets can be purchased in smaller sizes to fit around the wrist once, or in larger size to be wrapped around the wrist twice. These bracelets can be adorned with a few charms to loosely drape around your wrist in a casual, lazy-summer style.
2) Silver Necklace-
For a night out, try a little black (or red) dress and a silver necklace from Pandora. This necklace would look elegant and beautiful with a few gold and silver charms, or a gemstone charm to help bring out your eyes!
3) Shimmering Bracelet-
Whether you are hitting the mall or visiting relatives, a silver Pandora bracelet with shimmering coloured beads can give you the glam you need to pump up your outfit. This can also be given as a gift in the recipient’s favourite colour, making you seem like the ultimate gift finder.
4) Pearl Ring-
Pandora offers a variety of pearl rings that are reminiscent of the beach. This can be a great addition to any outfit.
5) Dangling Earrings-
Earrings that dangle dress up any outfit, from an elegant sun dress to a tee shirt and jeans. By adding Pandora dangling earrings, you can be sure to look your best.

Complete your summer wardrobe today and visit a Pandora retailer to pick up your summer favourites

And voila! I genuinely love the magic around Pandora bracelets, my friend has one with pretty glass and animal beads just has a cute sentimental vibe around it, y'know?

Hope you guys are having a wonderful Wednesday! 

*The text in the lighter shade are the thoughts and opinions of Catherine- all images and other texts are of my own

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  1. Amazing! These jewels are gorgeous must haves!


  2. love those accessories!! :)



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