happy september, everyone!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Oops, sorry for the little too long delay- have been busy with going back to Sixth Form soon (eep, tomorrow).and eesh, doesn't look like I'm anywhere near sorted! So I took my little sister out to do a bit of shopping today, to mainly showcase my new bag! For less than £20 at Debenhams, booya- I love my new find! And the great thing is that it also has a long strap too.

It's actually my first time (and likely my last) wearing these gladiators this holiday- British weather sure does fail miserably, no? Either way, they're a tad tattered and uber comfy! I opted for a black outfit for no particular reasons and decided to brighten it up a bit with a purple paisley scarf.

What do you think of this look?

Are you guys already back to university/college/school? Hope you have a lovely week up ahead- it'll be a tiresome one for me!

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  1. Wonderful scarf and bag. I think at the end we will have a bit of summer in September x

  2. Happy September to you too !
    The little white bag is so cute (:

  3. Great post!!!



  4. cute pics!
    nice bag!
    GIVEAWAY on my blog!
    check it out!
    thank you

  5. My favorite part of this look is all of the little details in the individual pieces. (:

  6. I really like the gladiator sandals, you remind me that I don't wear mine often enough... And I love your white bag, a white bag is still missing in my collection!

    xxx Anita

  7. you're too cute xxx


  8. I love the bag .. and the ice cream LOL :D


    xoxo giada


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