10 lovely shades of red

Friday, 7 September 2012

Red is dearly and forever been my favourite colour, yet I still lack of it shamelessly! Why red though? It's a tad cliché presumably but it has such a lovable warm vibe to it, it's striking and full of honey pots of love!

1- the looseness of this jumper makes it so easy to put on and leg it, looking chic, no?
2- been patiently waiting to come across the perfect shade of red!
3- these kind of bags are so classy, roomy and in this case, bold- what's not to love?
4- fairisle is a coming trend and the pattern is perfect for woolly jumpers.
5- speaking of woolly, let's not forget our winter favourite- scarves!
6 & 7- just how beautiful can jewellery get?! I want the ring badly. Now. And gosh, if you ever JUST glance at these earrings, you are a DEMON. Demon, you hear?
8- much much more woolly love for tas.
9- these shoes haven't left my mind since I've seen them- the wedge, colour and cut-out...*drools* anyone feelin' generous?
10- I couldn't complete this without a LRD (little red dress). Red = statement. Now go make that statement.

1. sans effort, ce pull fera n'importe quelle tenue parfaite, vous ĂȘtes d'accord?
2. je suis en attente pour la nuance parfaite de rouge!
3. il a beaucoup d'espace, il est chic et il est gras! n'est-ce pas?
4. «fairisle» est une tendance mignon, j'aime ce motif sur les pulls!
5. vous ne pouvez pas avoir d'hiver sans les foulards!
6 & 7- combien mignon est ces bijoux?
8- je vraiment veux porter un bonnet de laine, vous ne pouvez jamais avoir trop d'accessoires!
9. on ne sait pas combien j'aime ces bottes! ce sont certainement sur ​​ma liste de souhaits
10. dans le monde de la mode, on peut dire que la «petite robe rouge» est une partie essentielle de la garde-robe de quelqu'un.

Which would you say is your favourite item(s)? Comment away!

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  1. Love your picks, my fav are the oversized sweater and the bag. Gorgeous.


  2. I really love burbundy for autumn, it's one of my fav colors for this season! and your inspiration is great!

    xxx Anita

  3. I totally love this list, red will rock this autumn! <3
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I've followed yours ;>


  4. I'm so loving burgundy this fall. It's the new black you know!
    Great post!



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