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Friday, 17 August 2012

It's been a huge exhausting (life-changing, a bit) week and as promised in my previous blog post, here's a little diary over the days and what I've learnt and advise, not just law students, but everybody out there who are hoping to achieve higher!

Day One
Even after an exploding bottle of Lucozade, waking up late (wasn't late though!) and tripping up like a foo', this day couldn't have been a better introduction. I mainly sorted out files and engaged in conversations to do with several cases but one thing that was truly significant is to be able to have an opinion, support it with facts and figures and express it.

Day Two
Although this day mainly was one case after another and grouping together my opinion, there was a fair bit I learnt just by reading. The complexity of law is due to that there's a gazillion regulations/laws, finding the facts that make it all work and finally (namely in soliciting) customer's satisfaction/equity. Balancing these bits and bobs isn't easy and as so as my solicitor said, it's preparation, preparation and preparation. So it's great to have a sponge brain since you're unlikely to fall back and make a good impression.

Day Three
Today was mainly revolved around one case so when it came to my judgement, I evaluated the strengths of each side and then the credibility of the evidence- all this took a lot of thinking so I guess this is how a judge would look at it. And surprisingly my response was darn interesting (moment of absurdity and happy-shock)! Also learnt a fair bit of how a case file is organised and got involved there. To add, watch where you're going, stubbed toes are hazardous.

Day Four
After having a huge setback in the morning, I took the solicitor's offer to come in the afternoon. Although this day wasn't much, I know I'll be making huge changes to my daily routine to reach my life aspirations. I may not know how to currently, but there'll be people and there'll be advice- wishing those with results the very best, if not, I still love you all the same!!

Day Five
Time sure has flown- my thoughts are in a bit of a pickle and my solicitor gave me advice in respect of law as a career, which was generous of him! I've basically got a huge task ahead of me and haven't a clue as to how to approach it- law does require top-notch grades, both at A-levels and at Uni, as it is darn competitive. I'll be rethinking bits and bobs and taking it by one step at a time so fingers crossed, I'll reach my end goal in time! Also I've been told I have the right kind of attitude which is a major relief, so it's better start!

I'm actually a little sad that it's over, there was so much to learn, it's given me reassurance to strive forward confidently and the staff were extremely friendly! To finish off on an oh-so-tas-like note, persevere with your fullest potential and you're bound to hit with success <3 

Thank you for your comments in the last post, hope you have a lovely weekend ahead!

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  3. This a really interesting, insightful post, Tasnim. Well done ;-)
    I'm glad you enjoyed it and found it useful/got loads out of it! I know you are going to be successful in the future, especially as you have the right attitude! ;-) :-D xxxxxxx


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  6. You have a lively blog and very real. Are you an Indian?
    What do you do :)


  7. Very insightful and overall a cute post :)


  8. Love this post!! can't wait to seemore!!! xx

  9. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

  10. Great Post!!!! Thanks for sharing. Waiting for your new post.

    Ray Grimm


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