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Monday, 27 August 2012

Just yesterday I went to a family friend's wedding which followed Asian traditions and customs and thus called for Asian attire! I wore a light pink churidar which is a long-ish dress with trousers, embellished with sparkly silver sequins with chiffon sleeves and scarf! 

I opted for a little vintage hairdo which added such a sophisticated vibe to my outfit (and personality, ahah) and I completely love it to bits! The good thing is required minimum effort and the great thing? It actually stays in place and doesn't fall loose! Definitely a hairdo I'll be wearing more and more often. 

There's no Asian attire completed without bangles! These are actually from my first prom last year and had tints of pinks, oranges, golds and even greens! I brought this beautiful clutch from New Look when I was at Nottingham- totally channelling my pastel love here!

What do you think of my look? I sure would love to feature more Asian fashion but it's rare for these occasions to even happen! 

Just a couple snaps of the wedding itself such as the food, guests and decor. One thing that Asian weddings are notably for, is its hospitality- there's general more focus over the food, the people you come across and its vibrant atmosphere. I also met some familiar faces and it's a tad nostalgic yet amazing to see how much has changed! 

Have you been to an Asian wedding before? What do you think of these images? Hope you have a fabulous week ahead, it's not far from school/college/university! (If you're already back, mwhehehee to you)

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  1. Beautiful! I'm Sri-Lankan but I've never actually been to an Asian wedding of any sort, so it was great to see all these photos! So colourful and festive, and the food looks delicious :)


  2. Your outfit is SO PRETTY! Love the colors and all the bracelets you're wearing!

  3. love what you are wearing! :) I've been to Asian weddings before, but I'd love to be exposed to more cultures. :)

    XO, Mish

  4. oh my gosh, you look so cute in pink!!! and your hair's beautiful.
    Ahh it seems like you had a good time. You need to tell me about it. sort your phone out!! ;-) xxxxxx


  5. wow so pretty!! :) love the hair! could you do a tutorial? :)


  6. thank you for your comment on my blog.
    I use a Canon T2i camera.



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