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Monday, 23 July 2012

Who loves Summer Sales? Tas loves Summer Sales. Is it true? (Please tell me you guys get the Kenan & Kel reference!) I also love charity shops too, which is where I brought this small metallic-grey quilted bag which I've had my eyes on for a while! Usually in these sales, I look for jewellery and other accessories and since my motto is 'you can never have too much jewellery', it's a win-win situation, no?

I really love these sparkly earrings and necklace above, both from New Look at £2 each- yay. Anywho, hope you're having a lovely summer- what are your plans? My friend and I are hoping to feel a little patriotic very soon so I'm excited for that! I haven't really got any major plans but I'll be sure to fill you guys in with the deets with my daily shenanigans. 

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  1. I nominated you for the Liebster blog award,XO Tatianna'
    tell me if you accept.

  2. I am also a firm believer in a girl can never have too much jewelry. :) Just bought a really pretty jewelry stand to help display my current favorites. How do you store or display your jewelry?



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