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Friday, 23 March 2012

I bring you swiftly onto my next trip; Leicester University! Firstly I've always been drawn to Leicester as its city and its university just happens to be ace. What I love about the place is the multicultural nature, its liveliness and it's looks pretty fine and dandy- especially lovin' the whole Indian thang, brought my prom dress from there last year! Ah, good times.

ahoy, Leicester Uni- make waaaay
It's a building yeah, a building. Fascinating shtuff. 
Again, fascinating...oh dear .
Bet you guys didn't know where I was?
Heading to some students' rooms, hii Leicester city! 
I really ponder about life at university :/ 
That following Saturday, my brother came home from university to spend some chill-time with family. There wasn't really a lot to do but it was good to get outside and go for a walk! And have ice cream, oh la laa.

Aye, call it the only purpos why my town exists! Still, it's beautiful. 

Opted for chocolate ice cream, gosh I'm dull. 

Sorry for its lateness, exams and coursework has taken over my life but I'll be updating every now and then! So don't feel the urge to betray me and abandon me. Or even look away. I'll pinky promise you cake? (No joke, I reckon I may make some, depending if I have time!)



  1. interesting blooog!!!

    keep postinng!!!

    thanks for your comment


  2. School looks so cool, like from Harry Potter:))-


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