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Saturday, 10 March 2012

As said, I visited the peculiar city Liverpool last week on Thursday; all in all it was generally a nice place to see although some parts were underdeveloped and other parts were like 'oh wow'. The play, 'Streetcar Named Desire' was acted out amazingly (some just had different views though) and overall, very impressive. And it being my first time in a proper theatre made it all the more exciting ad memorable! And now I give you beautiful memoirs of the trip (p.s. I got my camera/best friend back, woo);

Burger King barely have veggie options, sad times! :(

Serious, with chips. (Two of the loveliest friends ever, love you guys, much love!)

'I CAN JUGGLE' atta boy! 
But who am I to comment on perfection? ahhaaa I'm sooo cool.

*makes note of this in notebook*

Shoes from River Island, brought them a while ago!

Nuns do definitely ...rock? Touchdown in Liverpool! 

Such beautiful architecture! 

Can't remember what this was...

Ohhhh, aahhhhh

Not a shabby place might I say!

This is where we went to see the play :)

Saw this just before we left, wooo


  1. Funny pics!!

  2. it seems to be a great place

  3. Awww, you touched down in my city, did you check out the Albert Dock?


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