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Monday, 20 February 2012

This half-term holidays has really been a-kick-back-and-chill kind but fear not, it's hasn't been too shabby. I've taken this time to try and be productive with the work load I'm doomed with. Aside that, I give you homemade pizza I made with my lovely(?) sisters- they may have got a little carried with the toppings but either way, they all knew my pizza was the BEST (pfftt). 

Voila, veggie-supreme?...

I call this pizza 'Cheese'. Sorry for the blur-ness, I've had to lend my camera for the past week, sad times- I feel lonely. 
On another note, I did a lil' shopping, booya- probably the highlight of the week...oops. Either way, with the little money I have, I figured it's time to hit them charity shops. Personally when I hear this was 'thrifted' (American thing, I gather?) it's not as thrilling (for me, I dare say) in my little town. We do have several charity shops but it's pretty rare to find something that makes you want to squeal. Since I never really look at clothes, jewellery is my 'thang' and found this chain necklace for £4- not bad, not bad...


love it, enough said!
Also popped by Primark to fetch me this lovely top- I figured it's a tad different from what I own and boy, I make great choices (ahaa, I make myself chuckle). Love or pass, guys?

Following that mini shopping spree, hot chocolate has never looked so appealing! Sod this healthy eating (I lie, I'll get back to it), it was delish and I had a nice time overall! 

That's pretty much all to it although I've done a mini film flick and finally got around to re/watch films that are apparently 'known-to-every-female' (seems that way, folks); 'P.S. I Love You' is an incredibly cute film and has increased my love for the Irish, 'Taken' has made me realise Lee Neeson is god, 'Devil Wears Prada' was pretty cool...and I'm now blabbing on...know other 'it' films I oughta watch? 

Hope your break has been better than my own! And if you didn't have a break, haaa.



  1. The shirt is great ! Your blog is so cute I love it and TADA now I'm your new follower <3

    Love Meroda

  2. Love the shirt and the necklace ! <3



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