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Monday, 20 February 2012

Aside the winter blues, the snow, the cold weather, the runny nose and hot chocolate, the thought of summer literally keeps me sane. I remember going to the closest beach last time and although it's not exactly what people consider 'grand/beautiful', I had so much fun and really loved it! One thing I particular love about the warmer weather is the shoes (to be fair, when have I never loved shoes...)- sandals are a beach essential and alongside Spring/Summer 2012 predicted colours, something tells me that this summer has only just got better. 

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1+6) Coral, my friend, shall ultimately become your best friend. I originally saw these shoes on Betty's blog here, and they're more or less on my wishlist. The gold rim goes well with the pinkish tones and for £30, it isn't too shabby if I say so myself. I'm also drawn to these coral wedge sandals too...so many choices. Tangerines, oranges and red fall into this category too! 

2) Although these turquoise shoes are designer..and cost ridiculously loads, I fell in love with the colour! It's not such a colour that you see often and there's a great lack of blues (and greens...) in my mini shoe collection. Whilst looking around, I saw that there are a few shops that sell pale/pastel blue shoes but I think brighter and bolder make a better statement, no?

3) The same goes to these yellow shoes! They're like sunshine, but on your feet- how lovable is the colour?!

4) You can probably tell already but crazy spalshes of coloru is a must, hence say hello to sandal number 4! Frankly they remind me of smarties but y'know...

5+9) Tribal and Aztec only get greater this year and therefore it's not at all shocking why they are on this list. Exotic patterns is a must for your wardrobe this year, whether it be through these shoes or number 9!  

7+8) And finally, embellished sandals make a comeback this summer. I think these are a perfect way to sparkle in the soft sands of Sahara deserts ('kay guys, I'm perhaps drooling over the summer a tad too much).

Have you already picked yourself a pair of these beach goddesses? Which style/colour are you most drawn to? Like said, I'm leaning towards the coral shades but the tribal patterns are so pretty too! Hope it's been a good week so far!



  1. So cute!! Would you like to follow eachother? <3 Sarah

  2. already wanting all the shoes, weather y u so cold!?

    chlo @chlowitty blogs

  3. I am SO excited about spring shoes. Love the colors that are coming out! -Melissa

  4. Beautiful! Like a magazine <3 Sarah


  5. Les chaussures sont tres chouettes!!!!J'aime tous:)
    Angela Donava

  6. Love those shoes!!!


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