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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

It's still half way through through the exams season but luckily, I have nothing left to revise for! With this lazy weekend, I figured I'd tidy up my wardrobe a bit to discover Narnia anything that I haven't touch in a while and reorganise it all too. But it got me thinking that if I've made general resolutions this year, I should really make some new wardrobe-relating ones too, no? I give you my fashion resolutions!

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Too small, too inappropriate, too out-dated, too...erm.
This is pretty much a common for many but I was actually pretty happy with myself when I realised that a majority of the clothes I had were things I have actually worn! Though there were the odd pieces so if they're in a good condition, donate them to a charity? If not, bid farewell!

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Black trousers/jeans are my thing so aside them, time to bring in a splash of colour!
For me, this is certainly worth investing in! It just gets a tad repetitive wearing the same colour so for casual wear, going for greys, navy or so is ideal for a neutral look! Though there are always the coloured/glitter/metallic jeans too. As for College/Sixth Form, I'd say neutral is the safest way to go so light/dark greys or even maroon (ASOS has some the other day which look amazing)! 

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They say I wear too much jewellery but I tell myself 'lies, I need more'
I don't mean to load as much bling as you can (I would any day though), I just feeel I need to be a little more creative and look for odd yet interesting pieces! After seeing Lagerfeld's catwalk (as mentioned already here before), jewellery is going to be bigger than ever so vintage accessories is a must. I also figured it's time to me to organise my jewellery but I'll do that soon!   

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Think outside the box, think inspiration, think fashionistas
If 2012 has made you want to take a different approach to fashion, you could always look out for things in different styles (i.e. go for vintage, preppy or edgey)! I think this is something I'll do later on in the year because it's quite the challenge. That too, it's so not difficult with the numerous bloggers out there! This post here talks of my favourite bloggers (there's MUCH more so I hope to talk of them soon) so just take note of their favourite pieces and advice- and who knows? Maybe you'll discover a whole new side to you! Oh, there's Lookbook too- surely there's no such thing as a fashion addiction. 

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Best way to spend your dosh is something that will forever be loved, not wasted
On the blogs I've read, I can't get over how many times they say 'INVEST IN 'X' BECAUSE IT'S A WARDROBE ESSENTIAL' and then, later on in my life, I realise what they mean! Everything from a chic blazer, to decent jeans, to black heels, there's loads on it (I hope to talk of it in the near future, hehe). And beware, as much as trendy stuff seems darn cool and even if you really love it or want to give it a try, do not waste a great deal of money on it! Places like Primark are best to look for trendy bits and bobs so don't get too absorbed! 

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'Quality over quantity' you've all must have heard this one, right?
Like above, your essentials to a wardrobe must be good quality but that doesn't necessarily mean so much money should be wasted. I brought my first (beloved) blazer and coat (from a sale) from Topshop- two items I believe to be important and boy, I'm glad I did. As for quantity, it's difficult when you feel like your wardrobe needs a new boost but honestly, buying things of rubbish quality is a) not a clever thing to do, and b) uses up valuable money! Oh don't buy things you can't see yourself wearing either, even if it's a big bargain and not everything out there is suited to everyone either. 

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Shoes are becoming my best friend, they'll help you travel far
I never really bothered with shoes that much before and now, see how blind I have been. Shoes are a great way to bring out colour, change a look and even make you a metre taller. So this brings me to my aims of this year, first- get better and better in walking in heels otherwise I'll look like a moron. And second- go for different colours, styles and heels! Plus make sure it's comfortable and blister-proof- my favourite place to buy shoes would probably be Dorothy Perkins

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'Wow that totally screams your name', yeah I know right?
Getting a signature look is a good resolution because it just means you've got swag a peculiar style that gives you confidence in something you yourself love! Some consider it a 'uniform' so being creative is all part of a challenge. So perhaps a skinny belt (of different colours) could be your trademark, or maybe wearing a brooch (ha, I bagsy this one). And again, there's a heck load of inspiration! 

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Scissors, elastic, needle and thread, ribbon, sequins...voila, a perfect DIY
If you remember my DIY bow tie tutorial here, then you may have realised I have big love for DIY fashion. Formerly, it's cheap and affordable and next, it's a great way to get your signature look and inspirational! There are a few blogs I've seen such as Bored and Crafty, a Pair and a Spare, a Beautiful Mess and Wobisobi which have amazing projects I really want to try out (there's so many sites! eek) so wish me luck!

If there are any of these you disagree with, then just say so! Or perhaps one you agree and have other ideas for, because I'm all ears! Do you have any resolutions too? 


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