Reflections show and resolutions build- #1/2

Sunday, 1 January 2012

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The more I think of it, the more I realise that 2011 has been a pretty eventful year so it's surprising how the littlest things make a great impact! I found myself having too much to say so this part shall focus on what I've learnt and what I'll advise;

People are like books- don't judge and if you flick through the pages, you'll get to know them and yourself better

Starting Sixth Form has been a huge deal to me because of the studies itself, different routines, clothes and new people, all of which I love! If I'm honest, I don't particularly judge anyone for their appearance or their behaviour, nor do I treat them any different, but it's so easy to fall for the stereotypes, even if its through the subtlest ways. Meeting new people or those you know by name will bump up your social-o-meter and it will open your eyes a smidge bit, because we're all from different backgrounds and we each have individual opinions so everything varies, and insanely (or not) you, yourself, become aware of your attitude through your expressions and impressions.

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Sometimes love life, it knocks you down, you get back up and it knocks you down

Life has its ups and its down and that's a fact that is accepted. Over the course of this year, I feel that at times of utmost difficulty, there are always people to talk to, whether it be disappointment or a loss, that there is always someone to talk to even if it doesn't feel like it. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's all about 'me me me' though because sometimes, when things have happened, it can't be changed and it's upto you to make a better change. It's completely understandable to be upset but sooner or later, you'll have to stand on your own two feet and think what it is you could do to make things better. Deep down, there shouldn't ever be a time where you end up losing all hope because where there's a will, there's a hope. I myself have seen and am friends with some incredible beautiful people who have gone through one heck of a time and really admire them for who they are!

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When the tough gets going, it'll get to you ...unless you do something about it

If you've ever heard 'oh A-level are so difficult and different, compared to A-levels', well they frankly aren't lying because A-levels is literally about your approach to, well basically, your life, but it isn't actually all that scary. From time to time, I think 'Why on earth did I take this subject?!' but it's pretty normal to find it harder, so it's probably best to take a step back and rethink. Just literally think it through again, put it in practice, ask and act on advice and don't feel bad if you still don't understand, because a) you're actually caring to do well in your lesson and b) determination like that is admirable. Again, there are formerly your lessons, then your teachers, your friends and revision guides + notes. If it's something you want to do well in, it's up to you to make that effort and that will, one way or another, help you reach your goal. P.s. it's best to avoid the stress!

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Boring routines are made to be broken so don't bother with them if there's something you want doing

I probably literally learnt this at the year of 2011, hence the exams in January, eep. We get the idea of wanting to do well is all in your hands so here's a tip- if it's 'Maths, maths, maths, a break, a bit more maths, some maths, sleep', your day doesn't sound appealing in any way whatsoever. I don't exactly know what to suggest but adding colour is said to be effective, and mixing it up with on-off technology ideas. Being in Sixth Form, I find my subjects interesting so I'd change subjects every now and then, or I finish off random bits and bobs to make it feel I've accomplished something! That too, don't beat yourself if you get distracted but really, you. must. find. a. way!

Steer in the direction you want to go, after all it's your life, your choice and your desire

This has to be my main reflection of last year, without question. Whether some say it's too early or have thought about it already, it's undeniable that my thoughts of my life after Sixth Form bothers me so I've really taken all sorts of measures. Choosing your career or what you want to do is not at all easy so genuine support is essential. Whilst my choice isn't favourable among others, I have made my decisions but it doesn't hurt to say what others might say. If you have a passion or interest in something and if you want it to be recognised by others, take it into your hands to show yourself that once set in mind and heart, your goals are within reach. I've looked on all sorts of websites, had advice from all teachers, friends and family, done a little research, only to find that I'm passionate more than ever. Ignore the 'what ifs' because if always in doubt, you won't have the confidence but if it can't be helped, have a back-up plan because all is, and will be, well!

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This goes first, then it's that and now we'll move onto this- yes, that sounds about right

Priorities are a biggie when you get to this point in life. You find yourself with one thing and then another and then another. What I didn't realise is that you actually have to give up so much of your time already to work your way through, so giving these things a number, in terms of importance, it's crazy but remember it's not all work and no play, nor vice versa but a mix (but maybe more work than play...). It's crucial to think outside the box and at the same time, it's all about using your time wisely (or so as they say, way way too often). It's never too easy but if by the end of the day, you have the necessities done, well...congrats! Move onto one thing, to another and it will be over as soon as you know it- making a list or writing on sticky notes, all of that helps to stay organised!

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Give a little to give a better life to someone, whether they be dear to you or not

To finish off on a nice note, think of all those lovely one-second-things you could do to make someone's day much better! Give a smile, lend an ear, donate money, open a door for somebody, compliment someone and look around to those around you- the world is a huge place and there's so much once you open your eyes!

So there you go; was 2011 a valuable time and year for you? What else did you learn? As for the next bit, I'll talk a bit of my new Resolution and I'm proud to say some are actually happening for a change!


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