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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Inspiration is continuous which truly makes fashion fascinating so these posts will pop up every now and then, showing fashion-specific muse. Fashion is constantly being influenced and therefore making it such an engaging topic- these will be featuring sources which include designers to bloggers, magazines to books and Flickr to my very own camera!

La Carmina bloggerauthorjournalist, and TV host

ahh, I love her a tad too much!
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Her red hair is just far beyond amazing, love this dress too!
luisa via roma firenze4ever bloggers top style blogs fashion writers
Her tastes and fashion sense are truly one of a kind-
When I first came across this blog, I felt like I was totally missing out on literally a whole new world! Although I've always loved Japanese culture, by seeing La Carmina's blog I was able to see much more and that too, with an unique amazing blogger! La Carmina's fashion sense is much different from other bloggers, people and looks I've seen- as she'd describe it, it's 'Morticia Addams meets Hello Kitty'. She has great love for Gothic Lolita Punk, feminine pieces, edgey elements and loves her jewellery! Her experiences are definitely one-of-a-kind, she's made a contribution to the Japanese crisis last year, she's a cool pirate (not literally), and she has a cute cat! So what's not to look about her?1

Betty from Le Blog de Betty 

Love the leggings/jeans and collar!
Crazy shorts- such a fearless style!
*drools* eep, I love. 

Betty from Le Blog de Betty is a French (dur) blogger who is incredibly enthusiastic and has the greatest wardrobe (EVER) which I would personally die for! She herself has her experiences too, recently she'd been to Tokyo and her photos are beautiful as well as her outfits. Generally, her looks are quite polished (it's how the French are, eh?), interesting and ultra-chic. Her blog is definitely worth having a look because you won't know when to stop! 

Bebe Zeva from Fated to be Hated

Amazing glasses, leggings and sofa!
Such a summery outfit!
Incredible style, love her hair, hair and colour palette! 

Now that I think of it, Bebe Zeva is a mixture between the two bloggers mentioned and much more! Her style is unbelievably spontaneous and varies a fair bit to her love for a gothic-inspired style, to flouncy pastels to total Parisian (it's what I'd say but perhaps I can't find the words to describe)! There's so much to love about Bebe Zeva like her beautiful hair and make-up so I envy her (as well as her stylish mum she's mentioned before). Give her blog a look, you know you want to! 

Do you know any other bloggers which are worth the mention? Comment too if you have a blog and I'll be sure to look!


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