my Christmas moodboard, part two

Friday, 23 December 2011

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Note; I do not take any credit for those images with links added on- they are purely from the internet as a source of inspiration!

I have many other pictures of baubles, tinsel and trees but I'll spare the continuity of it all but where has time flown?! 2 days to go till Christmas Day! The pictures above are mismatch of what's in school, random internet surfing and my visit to my beautiful friend, Frankee (and you can find her blog over here). We put together a Christmas tea later that evening and her lounge was ever so christmasy- everything from her amazing Christmas trees, to little figures and I couldn't get over her light-up tinsel! Aside that, my Sixth Form has (finally) finished for the holidays so it was a merry ending to the year. That too, sales are already sailing and major shops start tomorrow so I hope to pop down and get whatever takes my fancy. 

Although that all sounds merry, I still need to get around to hardcore Maths revision so wish me luck! 


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