my Christmas moodboard, part one

Saturday, 10 December 2011

If by now, you're sick of the Christmas hype then you sir are a Scrooge and don't deserve a place in my heart (ahh, i joke!). Although Christmas Day itself isn't really exceptional to me, considering I don't celebrate it in any way, there's no wrong in joining in with the festive happy spirits! Below are just a few snapshots from the Christmas Market a few days ago-aren't your feet tingling with excitement?!

Merry-Go-Rounds never grow old
Cute snowmen, just sayin'  
Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!
I have love for Ferris Wheels, okay?

Cup of tea is always good....+ sugar.
I still have Christmas Shopping to do with said-money so hopefully that get sorted soon. I suppose you could also add Santa + Christmas trees + festive lights to my obsession as well! I can't also help love the sudden sparkle and glitz, and colour within the winter fashions as well. I think it's been made pretty clear- pile on anything that shines!

Snippets from More! magazine- big love their photo shoot pages!

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